Welcome to UMIP’s Technology Marketplace

The technology stemming from the research work at The University of Manchester is broad, deep, and world-class spanning a multitude of application areas and market sectors.

Our Technology Marketplace is a portal though which we are offering a selection of our technologies as royalty based assignments/licences. We invite you to browse through these offers which will be promoted for a limited time. Please register with us to access further information about each technology listed.

We would be delighted to answer any technical questions and will release more comprehensive information about promoted technologies under our standard confidentiality agreement.

We invite you to submit a bid should you be interested in having the technology assigned to you. All bids will be considered once the time offer has elapsed, as shown by the time counter in each technology's description page.

If you can’t find a technology of interest here on our Technology Marketplace then you may find what you are looking for in our Technology Portfolio which lists all our current licensing and spin-out opportunities.

Alternatively, you can view our software, clinical questionnaires, images and research materials on our online licensing portal, Click2Go.